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Remote Guarding

Among the services provided by Business Security Ltd. there is remote guarding.
An alarm system installed at the object is connected to the Business Security Ltd. control panel console via radio transmitter.

Console operators track the status of each guarded object 24/7, and immediately direct a mobile group to the emergency site in case of alarm triggering.
Apart from panic alarm (informing of assault or burglary), the remote guarding system allows reception of other kinds of alarms, such as:

  • absence of AC line power;
  • autonomous power supply voltage drop;
  • hardware intrusion attempt;
  • fire alarm;
  • Departure of any parameters of the object from their normal values, such as the refrigerator temperature rise or liquid level change.

Using radio channel for transmitting signals from objects effectively eliminates the risk of channel disruption, which is possible in case phone line is being used.

In recent times, a new trend in remote guarding is developing rapidly; this trend is transport security. "Business Security" Ltd. covers this market segment with its mobile tracking system dubbed "Supervisor". Full information regarding the system's features and purpose is available on the website

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