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Technical guarding

Technical guarding is comprised by a complex of measures directed at maintaining the object's security, including:

  • designing the security system;
  • installing the security system;
  • performing security system maintenance;
  • remote guarding.

Just as any other guarding means, technical guarding reaches its peak efficiency only when coupled with other security aspects, and must include additional risk insurance. Our company offers exactly that kind of service.

Designing and implementing a modern electronic security system is a challenge which only highly qualified professionals may meet. Our specialists have primary degree in electronics. They have graduated professional training courses in the following training centres:

  • Securitron International Bratislava, Slovakia;
  • PIMA, Tel-Aviv, Israel;
  • Ugunsdrošības Serviss, Riga, Latvia;
  • LEXEL, Riga, Latvia.

When implementing technical security means, our general workflow looks like this:

  1. Acceptance of the order from the client
  2. Examination of the project, preparation and discussion of the business proposal
  3. Conclusion of a contract for design
  4. Conclusion of a contract for installation (we require 40% of the contractual sum to be paid up front)
  5. Installation of the system (with payment per month of work)
  6. Handing the object in to the customer (and to the fire inspection). Final settlement of the account.

Security systems
Business Security Ltd. designs security, surveillance and access control systems of any complexity level. We also make contracts which do not include the designed system's installation.
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Remote Guarding
Among the services provided by Business Security Ltd. there is remote guarding.
An alarm system installed at the object is connected to the Business Security Ltd. control panel console via radio transmitter.
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