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Manned guarding

The company “Business security” provides manned guarding of any types of objects: administrative and storage facilities, office buildings, retail stores. Our complex approach to maintaining the object’s security (by means of systems of technical guarding and alarms, as well as rapid reaction squads) gains additional effectiveness thanks to the individual approach to the guard system design for each object. Monitoring of security measures efficiency, collection and processing of analytic data allow not only to keep the client informed of the object’s current security status, but also to offer recommendations on optimizing the operation of the whole facility. Our goals are efficiency and economy.

Working in constant communication with the client allows us to take on additional tasks depending on the nature of the guarded object, such as maintaining entrance checkpoints, performing passenger and freight vehicle control, area guarding, perimeter guarding, ensuring automatic functioning of important equipment, checking visitors or purchasers, video surveillance, performing control purchases, checking correct loading and unloading of goods, and many other activities.

Our guards receive the training necessary to perform their tasks. We are regularly performing on-site drills of various emergency situations. In accordance with the client’s needs and the functions performed, guards can be equipped with uniform or formal clothing, special equipment and communication devices. All the works on an object are coordinated by an object supervisor. On lesser objects his functions are performed by inspectors. Among their priority tasks is maintaining continuous contact with the object’s administration and the client’s management.

The ISO 9000:2000 certified quality management and control system allows us to ensure protection of physical persons, small companies and large corporate clients anywhere in Latvia.

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