Business Security Ltd.
Address: Ieriķu St. 3, offices block O4, office C2-604, Rīga, LV-1084 Latvia
Phone: +371 67270701
Fax: +371 67310111

Detective Services

While providing detective services to our clients Business Security Ltd. employees observe strict compliance with the Latvian laws.

The core of our detective department consists of former State Police officers. Each of the department's employees has a private investigator's certificate issued by the licensing committee of the Latvian Ministry of Interior.

In its everyday work on ensuring security of our clients' business and providing informational/analytical support, the department relies on its workers' exceptional professionalism.

Business Security Ltd. is a single member of the International Federation of Associations of Private Detectives, which opens up opportunities for timely executing our clients' requests regarding Western and Eastern Europe countries, as well as gives us access to a wide range of information sources.

Throughout its history, Business Security Ltd. has accumulated significant experience in providing the following services:

  1. conducting detective investigations:
    1. of criminal infringements regarding private persons and legal entities;
    2. of unfair competition cases;
    3. of circumstances accompanying commercial or other business activites.
  2. Collecting information regarding business partners' reliability, risk evaluation and analysis.
  3. Solving HR security problems, personnel/prospective employee check-up.
  4. Consulting on business security issues.
  5. Consulting in personal security issues.
  6. Debt collection.
  7. Retrieval of stolen property.

All the aforementioned services are equally available to private persons and companies.

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